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Depth of Winter, and what a winter it’s been. Got warm dwellings, proper gear, someone else shovels the sidewalks, amenities are all a short walk from the crib, and the view of the weather from my living room has been operatic. After a busy Fall on the road and a grueling month of moving to my current home, I’m settling in  to a gob of reading and trying to pick up the pace on drawing. Love the Michelin Man quality of so much winter wear and feeling a need to work on anatomy studies for upcoming work. It’s been eons since I made a body of paintings so with 2 velvets stretched and more on the way I’m trying to kick my arse into gear after a long period of hibernating. Put the clowns to bed long enuff, time for reveille.

Carly in stripes hunched over unfiltered kiosk parka library snoozer leopard dream state 24/7 panera sighting Mall Wear trio + dinky foot    rooster  readers upper d engrossed patient lanky bomber dreads bombers Carly twice Carly on mat

Usual suspects in materials: Pitt Pens, grease pencil, ledgerbooks, fountain pens.


Bundled & Bare-Assed

pachy slapped

Just editioned, 15″ x 23 1/2″, lithograph, printed at Anchor Graphics, “Pachy Slapped” edition of 20. $300.

Pachy Slapped Finally Editioned.

  • February 2nd, 2014
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Jen w/ the beast

Jennifer on a wintery eve wrestling with a temperamental computer. Damn thing wouldn’t go online for an hour, plus we lost an hour’s worth of work, plus I somehow, in my frustration, broke my Sailor DE Brush Nib fountain pen. I was swearing up a blue squall but Mizz Jenny, put her Irish temper on hold, and resolved all matters. Well, she couldn’t repair my fountain pen but $29 and a visit to and I’ll get a replacement.

Sorry the quality of my scans has been so poor over the last year and a half, but my hi-res scanner broke and I’ve been shooting the drawings with an i-Pod that produces less than stellar results. Looking to correct this in the coming year.

Jen Does Battle With The Beast

coffee couple


Vintur ist icummin in, lowdly sing the thrush. It’s here for real. Maintaining a regular practice of catching scenes and studies in public, in coffee shops, eateries, and on public transit systems.

cap and hoop fur lined huddled over coffee & computer  life drawing hat head spots & stripes hood down Tin Tin flip  visor dude knit lids Daniel  braid & model  Whole Foods coffee cafe

Man, while I love the Southwest and south and central California, I have to live somewhere where snow is a winter feature. Even if it is wickedly cold as has been the case here in Chicago this year. One of the more brutal winter’s in the 15 years I’ve made my residence in the Midwest. I have a super warm and cosy apartment and I know how to dress for it even though I damn near lost my dick to frost bite one night while tromping for 20 blocks in 20 below zero weather. Last time I head out with boxers on. But the weather here has been beautiful and the feeling of living on the edge of climatic habitability gives one a sublime sense of the amazingly special place in this Universe we call home. Don’t know if y’all are getting a little bored with the usual drawing tools and predictable line quality, but I have been thinking about changing to bristle brushes or something a little bolder. Platinum Carbon ink in fountain pens, and Pitt Artist Pens in one of my favorite ledgerbooks to date.


Winter Glimpses


Following my New Year’s Day ritual of a decade, I opened the new year by attending the 12 hour life drawing marathon at The Palette & Chisel. Nothing like bare flesh to knock the cold outta yer bones in the depths of winter.

Melissa's spinal sway trio Felissia in blue front & back Rachel 1 Rachel 2

blue nude

I’m loving the way this ledger book is taking ink. It has a fairly long delay before the ink is absorbed so it’s easy to smudge and blot the ink to create tone and finger print textures. The fountain pen I’m getting considerable use out of is a broad nib Graf von Faber guilloche. The Pelikano Junior made it’s presence felt to a good extent also. Pitt Pens, Platinum Carbon and Noodler’s Ottoman Blue are the inks. While I was drawing the reclining model titled “Blue Nude”, I had black ink on my fingers from drawing in black on the previous poses so when I wiped the ink on her leg as it was drying, it turned the blue a dingy color.

Opening the New Year with Life Drawing

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