Troy Snuzr2 Snuzr3 Snuzr4  Snuzr6 Snuzr6 Snuzr7 Snuzr8  Snuzr8 Snuzr9 Snuzr10 Snuzr11 Snuzr12 Snuzr13 Snuzr14 Snuzr 15 Snuzr16 Snuzr16 Snuzr17 Snuzr18 Snuzr20 Snuzr 19 Snuzr20 Snuzr21 Snuzr22 Snuzr23 Snuzr24 Snuzr25 image

While I love drawing out in public and capturing spontaneous events, a practice that helped me when I went into court and drew the proceedings for a local media company, The environment is dynamic and shit don’t hold still. But, if you happen upon someone overcome by exhaustion or boredom, their catnap becomes your opportunity to record a very natural moment where the subject isn’t posing, self aware, tense, or twitching, given to nervous movement or distractions. They may still be restless in sleep and adjust them selves automatically for comfort sake, or stirred by dream anxiety, but, you can get several minutes of fascinating pose or expression. My usual custom applies where I take advantage of the several pens I carry so that I can go from detail to broad areas and back to specific features. Given how the paper is reacting I may use Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pens, fountain pens of which I like, Pelikan M215, Pelikano Juniors, Sailor 1911, Lamy Studio,Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche and Classics, Namiki Vanishing Point, Namiki Falcon, Saior Brush Nib fountain pen, any of which could have a fine, medium, or broad nib, the broad being my preferred. I also make use in toned paper of grease pencils aka White China Markers.

The sketch books I enjoy vary considerably and while I tend to prefer smooth or hot pressed surfaced paper I occasionally will turn to more textured pare such as water colored paper for the attributes it brings in surface and absorbency. Some of those books and pads are, Strathmore tan and grey toned hard bound sketchbooks, ledger books – those lines don’t bother me, Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks – the only Moleskines I bother with, Seven Seas River paper – great pad, lousy binding, StillmN & Birn Epsilon Series – the bound, not a fan of spirals, and A sketchbook, name unknown, that uses a renewable source called Lakota from Nepal.

Rarely if ever have I used graphite in sketchbooks for some forty years now, I have used Faber-Castell Aquarelle graphite and do like the intensity you can get in the washes of this very beautiful water soluble medium. Mostly, primarily, preferably, I use ink. Ballpoint pens were the go-to tool for years by in the last decade and a half I use brush pens or fountain pens and in those the inks I like are Platinum Carbon which sets up so you can apply washes over you line work. I also like some of the Noodlers Bulletproof inks though they release a bit depending on the paper being cellulose or not. I also like Irishuzuku inks tho they are not water proof they are gorgeous inks with lovely flow.



Always try to have an auspicious start to the year by getting to the Palette & Chisel’s 12 hour New Year’s Day Life Drawing Marathon. Hadn’t drawn much in the week that led up to this much anticipated event. Shook some of the rust off .

Sara prone Pole in hand Melissa in coils Sideways

The trek in Fan & fanny nyd 1 nydbia 1 nydbia 3 P&C a NYD LDM 4 P&C 4 P&C nydldm 1

Headed out with a large ledger book and a new sketchbook, a Seven Seas Tomoe River Pad – the paper I’m most excited to draw on. It is a very thin paper that holds an edge when drawn on with fountain pen and Pitt Pens, and doesn’t bled. Quite remarkable for a paper as light weight, just a bit more substantial than onion skin or tracing paper.

Back on platform 1/9/15 a 1/9/15 b 1/9/15c

Added the last few from the latest visit to the Friday night session. Wicked cold outside and I was having a lousy time warming up my drawing skills despite having gotten a nice very rapid sketch of a passenger on the way to the P&C(just below). Preoccupied with too many other pursuits and not drawing as regularly as I’d like and I’m lacking a fluid feel much of the time.

Have been working with Platinum Carbon ink in the fountain pens with very little exception and not being that diligent about flushing or cleaning some of the pens that regularly. Not to many issues. The Sailors and the Pelikans pretty much flow whenever I put the to pad. Had a bit of an issue with one pen but that may have been due to sub zero temps here in Chicago.

Leopard scarf


Mid Winter Bare All

Cop 1

These images were put up without any comment shortly after I read a rider that was added to Illinois Senate Bill SB 1342 which made it a felony to “record” police officers in the. Line of duty without their permission. I still haven’t gotten a full transcript of SB 1342 nor the complete  interpretation of what might all be covered under the rubric of recording but I find it very troubling despite the belief by several friends that such a bill would never make it into law. it had already passed a majority in at least one house and where if is At this time I am not sure, but, several previous attempts have been made on a similar law and we now have a new governor in Illinois who has said much on how he would decide. Stay tuned.

image image image image image image image image image image NATO rally image image image image image image Wtw 1

Watching the Watchers

  • December 18th, 2014
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Delawn x2

Once in a while, I actually catch folks without their clothes.

D1 D2 Figure 4

Once again I have to lodge a complaint about administering your website on WordPress with an iPad……it is a seriously frustrating time suck. Let me stress that it Sucks! It could barely be more clunky. I’m not sure who gets the lion’s share of my beef but I can hardly believe the programmers have ever needed to admin their own sites in such a fashion or they’d throw the freaking tool out a window.

Melissa x2 Contur MReclined Dos Janet a Janet b Janet c Janet d

This is a Site with Nekkid People, Yes?

  • December 7th, 2014
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Once again, I have neglected Butt Nekkid Doodles because I am being pulled in many directions and because it is a pain in the ass to work on my website from this Apple iPad. Anyway, here are some plane & train time drawings from the Fall.

Lawn duel Zzzzzzzzz Whirrrrrr Wait

Rachchacha Waiting on the bus Jarhead bags



  • December 4th, 2014
  • Posted in Drawings
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