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  • August 12th, 2014
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In between getting advice on my I-pod and computers at the Apple Store by the North & Clybourne stop and heading to a catering gig, I sat down in the Plaza by the Apple Store/N&C Red Line stop to cop a sketch of this smartly attired dude coolin’ his cowboy boot clad heels. Pitt Pens, Namiki Falcon, and grease pencil in a toned Strathmore sketchbook.


Franz draw

Good news at last. Upgraded the camera I use to take pics of my drawings which will mean higher res. For the last year and a half, perhaps more, since my scanner went ka-blooey, I’ve been photographing the drawings with a an i-Pod that while convenient was low res and so the drawings came out a touch fuzzy. Better definition will mean sharper, prettier images with more information so you can better evaluate the tools at work and the paper in use. It’s been too long in coming and I do apologize. I’ll replace the above image of Franz Spohn drawing soon as the new camera is all set up.

street artist

Came upon Florika on the way to a catering job in the Loop. About 45 minutes, Pitt Pens, including the Pitt White, and a touch of grease pencil on Strathmore toned paper.

viag tri photo-671 photo-667 photo-669 photo-670 cluaus de werve photo-676 photo-675 photo-674 photo-668 photo-666 photo-665 photo-664 travelers  waitin'  MOCAC straight on

Summer Slackin’


Ah slumber. That delicious, irresistible, auto narcotic state that carries us into the arms of Morpheus and his hallucinogenic cinema.

sleep 4

sleep2 sleep 3 sleep library snoozer photo-529 photo-502 photo-499 double snooze Amtrak snoozers Red Line snooze snoozing on the Red Line Jeff Cap reader  CTA Dream Time




While You’re Sawin’, I’m Drawin’

badger diorama

conservatory Willis Tower Chicago Red Line Station Union St Pitt Evanston nu build pitt crib view

view from Foster lf view from foster rt linc prk Bell interior Davis station Roberts Bridge

No Nudes, decided to feature some buildings as I’m preparing for the Chicago Urban Sketching Seminar in June. With the turn in the weather, drawing outdoors became less demanding. Worked on drawings with Pitt Artist Pens, fountain pens, grease pencils,

Spring Has Arrived??

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