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Finally got back into some life drawing sessions this month. I’ll spare you, for now, the rustiest, and most belabored efforts. These drawings are largely from the Friday night open studio at The Palette and Chisel. I like the format on those nights, more about why in a future post. The random heads are studies of folks on the trains and buses I took to and from the sessions.

I just had several of my sketchbooks returned from the Midwestern BLAB! 2 exhibit @ Northern Illinois University in De Kalb, Illinois, and as I haven’t been drawing from nude models for pert near 2 months, I thought I’d trawl from sketchbooks past, drawings of friends and family. Some were posing for paintings. My thanks to Beek Daddy for ironing out the computer gliches (i.e. my fuck-ups).

I haven’t been to “life” drawing in some weeks, but thought I’d post some drawings from life aboard the CTA Red Line. I’m often asked if people know if I’m drawing them. Well, I think the bespectacled fellow in the second row of the third column caught my glances, brief though they were. And for sure the young lad in the middle of the bottom row knew something was up, cause every time I shot him a glimpse, I was met with a full stare. Not a sharp or defensive one. But he was drawn to me sketching, and his curiosity was unflagging. Mostly folks are oblivious unless they can actually see the page I’m working on. While I was drawing the woman with the plaid headscarf in the upper right, the couple seated behind me were commenting to each other about my drawing. About 3 times the man even rose out of his seat to lean over my shoulder for a better look. Once, while drawing in the Bargello, in Florence, Italy, I had a French tourist practically rest his chin on my shoulder, ocassionally turning his face towards mine. If I’d waxed the tips of my moustache into little points, he’d have gotten one up his nostril. I focused on drawing and gave him not the slightest indication I was aware he was hovering like a humming bird at a feeder. Since I’m taking note of those around me I feel I’m fair game to watch. I do make an effort to be discreet or sly and try to avoid making someone feel like a field mouse being targeted by a swooping owl.
The dude with the spikey hair and sideburns in the second row of the first column, is a composite figure. I began with the eye and nose of one guy only to have him rise and get off at the very next stop. Another fellow took his seat and I resumed drawing by fusing his hair, ear, and lower facial features to the previous commuter.
In the near future, as soon as I settle on a shipping method and payment or escrow account, I’ll post specific images that will be for sale. That info will most likely be listed at the top after “Contact Don” or “My Work”. Ciao.

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