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Spent a gob of hours toolin’ around Chicago looking for some worthy urban views over the last couple of days in preparation for the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland. Grabbed a swell perspective of the Berwyn Red Line Station while enjoying an iced mint tea and the curb side seating at the cafe Pause. Today, I plied away the hours in a favorite haunt, the Sulzer Library, and caught the lady with a bit of 60’s splash.  Also there was the library’s most regular of visitors, bent over his usual spiral notebook and filling more pages than I do.  And currently under employed with loads of time to kill, I’m chewing my way thru a 450 page sketchbook at a good clip.

Heading to Portland for a symposium on urban drawing so I’ll switch over from nudes to public scenes for a few weeks. Hang in there anatomistas, I’ll be back with butt nakedness in early August.

This will be my last post of nudes for perhaps a few weeks. I’m heading out to Portland, Oregon to attend the Urban Sketchers Symposium at the Pacific Northwest College Of Art. There I’ll be trekkin’ about the hills of Portland with several dozen others of various disciplines, (architecture, film, animation, landscape architecture, painting, et. al.) to draw, out in public, the various this and that’s and thems and those of Oregons beautiful river metropolis. Click on the link to Urban Sketchers and engorge your eyes on the hundreds on entries and the swarm of talent. You won’t be disappointed. So, for the next 3 weeks I’ll be posting drawings, past and present, done on site in various locales. I may sneak a nude in. My hope is that I’ll be able to talk somebody into posing nude in a public location. Cheers.

model with insulin pump

Viktoria snoozing

Amanda sprawled on platform

sleeping Angel

Amtrak snoozer

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