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Coming soon, Dave ( Bee keeper, Buffalonian, bon vivant, former biker, and my web manager) and I will make available on this site, drawings, such as these 8 nudes, for sale. Just as soon as we cobble together a  few administrative structures, the Butt Nekkid Doodle Shoppe will open it’s doors. See you then. Thanks for all the browsing.

Just thought I’d throw up an assortment of noggin drawings from life. Some are aware they’re being drawn, most are just doin’ their thing whilst I do mine.

Back in Chicago after great visit to Portland and saddlin’ up old routines. The top drawing in the middle column is by British artist, now residing in California, Pete Scully. I did the drawing to the left of his of his unorthodox grip as he draws. He motors along and gets great results. We wer drawing the same scene in Jakes, my drawing is in the previous post. He said he hated drawing bottles but I’d look over and he’d just be knockin’ ’em out. Wonderful guy, check his stuff out at Urban Sketchers or link to his blog below.

Man, that was rip-snortin’ good fun.  I dug the look and feel of Portland and couldn’t have been surrounded by a warmer and more supportive group of folks. The skill level of presenters and attendees was very high, just go to and take in all the postings to get a sense of things.

Went to Union station with Isabel Fiadeiro’s group for some very rapid studies. Very few of those passing in and out held still for long. Did this faint blue study of an old guy that kept changing his position and even moved up and down the bench, very fidgety, as if he was uneasily aware I was observing him. So, besides liking the drawing I did of him cause I caught his posture in very short order, the drawing feels like a ghostly record of  souls coming and going.

These drawings are from the flight out to Portland and my first day on the ground. An unqualifiably gorgeous city.

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