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Mostly drawing with fountain pens for the time being. The search right now is for water soluble inks that I can work back over with washes and Pitt brush pens, and, an ink that doesn’t clog up the feed and inner workings of the fountain pen. So far I’m getting nice results with Calli inks, Noodler’s, and Platinum Carbon. Pelikan Font has been lifting when hit with water.  I’ve been cautioned to steer clear of Noodler’s by my pen repair guy who say’s it’s been muckin’ up the pens he’s worked on, but I’m using it in the less expensive pens such as the Pelican Junior, the Lamy Safari, and Noodler’s own just released fountain pens. OK so far but I’m hesitant to try it out in  my Peican 215, Lamy Studio, Visconti Rembrandt, or any of the vintage pens I have. I’m using the Platinum Carbon in the Pelikan and like the results. I’ve tried the Calli Burgundy in my Visconti and loved the rich delivery.

OK, the ear's a bit high. Red LineFrom LifeArgo Tea Wednesday afternoon 9 run Litho FOP @ Anchor GraphicsA peek behind the scene at Metropolis Cafe Red Line in Monday morning 10/4/10 Pitt Artist Pen, some ball pointPitt Artist Pens At Metropolis with a Lamy Safari juiced up with Noodler's Kingfisher Blue P & C Newmodel @ P & C. Fountain Pen.

I’m back into fountain pens for the moment, making use of water soluble inks so not always able to fill in with the broad strokes of the Pitt Brush Pens. As a result the drawings are a bit airier.

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