November, 2010 Archives

Returned from touring the eastern side of the Hudson River Valley. Went out to Stockbridge, Mass. again to give a workshop at the Norman Rockwell Museum, where I copied the saddle shoes above,  and managed a side trip to see Frederick Edwin Church’s estate near Hudson, NY called, Olana. Head swelling view from the property. Took a tour of the way ornate mansion  and saw a few sweet little paintings he did amoungst all the Orientalistic foo faw.

Knocked out the landscape in the middle and had to head down state about 2 hours to see a friend before it got dark. The day was spectacular and I lament that I didn’t have the time to make a drawing of the view from all sides of the mansion. Churh wrote that, “about an hour south of Hudson lies the center of the world, and I own it”.

Trekked my way to the Southwest corner of Michigan for an overnight right on the beach of Lake Michigan’s southeastern corner. Then shot out to the west coast to do workshops and demos in Portland, Eugene, and Seattle. Ran around a bit to much to spend the time encamped with sketchbook in front of any one of a gazillion scenic wonders.

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