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I think, cautiously so, I just might be back in business. Between learning a new system, trying to find my way through contractor’s/vendor’s payment forms, setting up the Fall’s lecture/demonstration series and travel arrangements, and ……well, it’s been the kind of month where I’m glad that a creepy dentist filed down my rather prominent and sharp canine teeth some 42 years ago or I might have engaged in some blood letting.

He’s Back. I think.

Well, I really did it. I had an admin/editing nightmare episode and have irretrievably blown out a great many posts and images. What can I say other than I’m an idiot. Yep, an idiot. Dave, my tech guy,  has suggested I have all my admin privileges revoked.  My last computer, a pc was suffering from progressive consumption and had to be put down. I am now in the World of Mac and am struggling with it’s “intuitive” nature. But hell, I did’t get the Bible either, so nothing makes sense to me. It is going to take some time and tutorials before I can get back on track. I thank y’all for your patience.

I could seriously use this young smarty-pants’ tech savvy.



Went to the Everett McKinley Dirksen U. S. Courthouse a couple weeks ago to sketch in court. Had a pretty interesting experience for 3 days. Then put 3 days in Federal Court in Hammond, Indiana. Beats daytime TV but could at times be likened to a 15 inning baseball game where both pitchers are hurling no-hitters. Forgive me if this sounds like a pitch but using the Pitt Pens, fountain pens and grease pencils means no one around me is having to put up with the rank smells of solvent based markers.

        This drawing may give one the impression that the judge is smiling. Far from it. He didn’t cotton any nonsense and could be very curt in his reprimands.


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