Ybor City, a community in Tampa that was home to Cuban and Italian immigrants and where the cigar making industry flourished. Still some shops where men hand roll the cigars. I was too late the day I went there to draw one at work. Had a reputation for being a tad rough but looked to be settling down and accommodating tourist and upscale restaurants right next to tattoo parlors and vintage clothing stores. Notice that I got lazy with the flag. Not only didn’t finish it, but drew the star pattern of 48 states.


Got nothing but beautiful weather while scooting thru the South. Spent several hours at the John and Mabel Ringling Museum in Sarasota, which was full of choice stuff. Eye catching feature – all the fig leaves were removed from the copies of very recognizable sculptures, and the heroic figures’ manley attributes were restored.



Breezin’ Thru Florida

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