Left the Bay area and trained it up to Eugene for a week. Wasn’t the most productive time but I did make up for that lull with drawings on the train ride back to Chicago.


I generally try to draw what’s going on around me and make the best of being in a dynamic environment where things change moment to moment. But I’m not opposed to a little creativity. The two women on the right of the drawing above right, hail from China and are touring the USA together. I had drawn the 3 figures seated to the left, the woman with her hair pulled back, the man with sunglasses and ball cap taking a snooze, and the woman with the short hair cut, but kept missing my opportunity to sketch the woman on the far right as she snapped photos of her friend. At one point the lady with the shorter hair got up and noticing me sketching, came over to see my drawing. After a very nice conversation, I told her how I had missed several chances to draw her friend as she took pictures of her. So, they agreed to hold the pose above. I drew the photographer and added the 2 fingers held up as a “V”. My girlfriend who is an ESL teacher informed me that her Asian students said that could symbolize more than the usual “peace” Americans usually imply. I’ll try and find out what all that could be.




Green Eugene and Gone

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