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Still fighting with artificial intelligence. Going in to the Apple Store where I hope two things happen. First, that they help upgrade my understanding and skills with this damn thing. And second, I refrain from insulting their company programmers who have added steps and inelegance to the method of editing a website. Super clumsy. I’ll accept that till further evidence that the bug brain in the works is me. I’m the dummy. Trying to get recent nude sketches and transit drawings on here but as I’ve complained for the last 3 post, it’s been frustrating. I did get advice from someone to just post to Tumblr, but I’m looking to make sales from this site one day, so I must adapt to or solve the system.

Love the paper in the ledger book I’m currently drawing in, tho the scale has pluses and minuses. Playing around with the usual suspects regarding pens and ink but something doesn’t seem tone clicking. Can’t tell if the drawings are any good. May need to throw a monkey wrench into the works and bulk up or change entirely the tools I’m using. Been attending sessions at the Palette and Chisel in anticipation of the New Year’s Day 12 hour life drawing marathon.



commuter sketches 1 commuter sketches head study  cafe noggins mark crisanti

Visconti fountain pen w/ Platinum Carbon ink

Visconti fountain pen w/ Platinum Carbon ink


Argo Tea

Argo Tea


Cool Daddio readin' the paper

Cool Daddio readin’ the paper


problem solver

problem solver


Friday nite nude sketches

Got into a life drawing session Friday nite with mixed results. I’ll post those later. Wanted to get several quick studies of the fellow with long hair reading the paper but people kept sitting in front of me blocking my view. Still running into problems trying to get the web page to look as I wish. Graf von Faber fountain pen, Noodler’s Ottoman Blue Ink, Pitt Artist Pens, Visconti Fountain Pen, Platinum Carbon Ink. Working in an old ledger book given me by Louisville Ed. Big and roomy, perhaps a bit awkward drawing in tight public spaces like a bus or the orchestra, but it’s best attribute is how impenetrable the pages are.

Logan Center for the Arts

I Logan Center for the Arts

I think that the rule known as Occam’s Razor is lost upon a great many of web programmers. Otherwise known as KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), some programmers, in particular, those responsible for the latest “upgrade” to my WordPress admin functions have managed to ballocks up an already awkward methodology for logging in and editing the blog. I have been fighting to remain up to date with entries, but I’m met at frequent intervals with the unrequested fiddlings by some anonymous geek .

This is a message to the idiots who keep fucking with the WordPress admin functions: why so many steps? Things are supposed to become more clear, more user friendly. Trans generational, dig? Whose sense of “intuitive” are you relying on? I was previously able to access all my images on the computer when looking to add media. Now, more asteps are involved. I’m wasting man-hours because you keep changing the rules. This is supposed to be DIY. I didn’t request these changes. You Suck.


End Time Dooddles

Metra Hyde Park 55-57th St. Station

Once Again, my web site has changed servers. And in the interest of serving me “better”, they arbitrarily changed how I can edit images and enter posts. They SUCK! Metra Hyde Park 55-57th St. Station


Commuter heads.

Commuter heads.



Caught Larry Coryell wit Paul Wertico and Larry Gray at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago. Terrific performance by a hopped up trio. Had a decent vantage point with enough overhead light to see what I was drawing. In the drawing on the CTA transit system, bottom right, the guy with the shaggy hair reminder me of “Shaggy” Rogers  from Scooby Doo. Fountain pen w/ Noodler’s Ottoman Blue ink, Pitt Artist Brush Pens, including a new White PAP, and white China marker. The toned paper is an older Cachet, pre Daler-Rowney buyout, sketch book that keeps a crisper edge than the toned Utrecht sketch books I make heavy use of.


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