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Pourin' over the forms

Shot out to the Big Apple where I took in a little action at Belmont race track. Pretty slim crowd. But enjoyed hanging with Rob & Barney-G. We dined on deli take out, whitefish salad out by the paddocks.

Following 3 drawings done in Chicago just before heading off to NYC & Portland, Oregon.

Calo Theatre  lunch in Andersonville neighborhood blackout View of Edgewater and downtown sky scrappers from my back porch during a neighborhood blackout.

Delta boarding gate

Heading out from O’Hare, did the above sweep of the boarding area. I seldom seem to settle into these air terminal transit drawings.

The Empire seen from Madison Park Liberty Tower and StatueFred in Penn Station the boys pouring over the forms and benches Toque down Michael reading Kim readingBill & Leslie's st. john bridge  Hipbone model telegram tower Rough Rider Monument police action

While I was drawing the statue of Theodore Roosevelt in front of the Portland Museum of Art, I heard a scuffle develop behind me and turned in time to see 3 men tumble to the pavement. A couple of cops had just taken down the man depicted above in light pans and racing striped jacket. Cops came flooding into the area and grabbed and cuffed another fellow from a nearby bench.

food carts Burnside bridge late night coffee

The above drawing is a clear example of why I invest a little more in some drawings. The multiple light sources was so compelling and challenging and made the drawing more specific to character, time of day, mood, and an effect some landscape architects might call “light pollution”.

nude w/ pole male w/ pole pncldm seated nude PNC

Life drawings from the Palette & Chisel 12 hour life drawing marathon.

3 days


Drawings done in Utrecht & Strathmore toned paper sketchbooks, Moleskine watercolor pad, with Pitt Artist Pens, Pelikan M215 & Visconti Rembrandt fountain pens using Platinum Carbon ink, and White China marker grease pencil.

Wesley United Meth

Spent a week working and haunting the streets and skyways of Minnesota’s  Twin Cities.

view of downtown bus stop 9th & 9th

Brit's  peddy cabbista Birds at the Bell Museum dinky town cafe chess fanNye's Karaoke fed plaza

Made good use of the new White Big Brush Pit Artist Pen. Otherwise drew in a Moleskine watercolor book, Strathmore toned sketchbook with Lamy studio, F-C Ambition f.p., Pelikan M215, Pitt pens, grease pencil. Lost the Ambition, oh well…

bird nest young draughtsman Grand Central photo-305 photo-302 Beth @ NAMTA das boot Franz Barn Bluff Trail

St. Paul crime scene.

I was walking about downtown St. Paul with artist Ken Avidor and we happened upon a police crime scene 1 block from the hotel I was staying at. We both drew the event and you can see the witness still sitting in the transit kiosk.

hotel lobby

After we finished, we went back to Ken’s place to post the drawings on an Urban Sketchers’ site. I left there near midnight and returned to the hotel I was staying at where I showed the night front desk clerk the sketch. Turns out, a fellow connected with the event had snuck into the lobby and was hiding in the lobby balcony. The night clerk could here him wheezing and panting and then told him he had to leave, to which the fellow responded he wasn’t going back out because, “they were going to kill me”.

5th and Minnesota.

Woke early and drew, from my hotel room window, the transit kiosk where the victim, who made it to the hospital ER alive, collapsed.

Top drawing done with fountain pen, and Pitt Artist Pens in Molskine watercolor notebook.

Middle drawing, fp, PAP, and Pitt Artist Pen white in a Strathmore toned sketchbook.

Bottom drawing, fp filled with Noodlers Ottoman Blue and PAPs in Moleskine.

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