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Made it late and left early to the Palette & Chisel’s 12 hour life drawing marathon. Didn’t come away with anything stellar. Been consumed with buying, packing, and moving to new digs and will flatly state that my drawing has suffered. Looking forward to heading out on tour to hopefully knock off the rust.

Starbuck's @ north & wells El studies  Hartford from the Hilton  Lake Bunggee  bar nerd  Bill fishing Elephant capital @ Brown  Providence sculpture Amtrak snoozers The Butterfly Svengali Winkworth Freddie watching the boob tube    Wall of Barney G Laguardia commuter w/ braid pie shop typist O'Hare lunch O'Hare headed Westline crew turning it out at 13 Coins, Seattle Flinch Salt Lake City layover

Man, when I say “Slung” I wasn’t joking. What a crazy month. Bought a place and in the midst of painting, having electrical work done and moving into the new place, I had to work in New England & NYC, took a side trip to Philly, flew back to Chicago long enough to do laundry, paperwork and then get ready to jet to Washington and Montana for whirl wind tour of several cities and colleges. Still a bit too much running around and not enough time drawing what I witnessed. Have to return to NYC and hang out on the High Line, was a bit crowded but what a vantage point of Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. Plus you could see Jersey as it starts to create the Palisades. Using the Pitts and fountain pens. Back in a Moleskine watercolor pad and also have a hefty and lovely ledger book going.

Sometimes, I get behind in posting to BND, especially during the Fall when I’m tripping about the country lecturing and demonstrating at various colleges, stores and events. You can follow me at: Cheers.

Slung Into September

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