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Evanston frm mrkt

Three blocks from my home, regional farmers bring the fruits of land and labor, and largely organic. I’m totally digging the wide selection of greens and heirloom tomatoes. Had to pull out the full spectrum for this drawing and to keep it clear and feature that color, I used a M nib Dark Sepia Pitt Pen do draw the outlines. More of a “brittle” conture approach than the dark and varied line work that brush nibs and B nib fountain pens give me.



cushioned pose

Some nude studies from the past year.


robed grip knee up J w/pole pony tail photo-689  Janet twist Janet 2 photo-691 J in recline Elizabeth

Burning thru my reserves of ledger books but that is not all bad. I’ve been really leaning on Pitt Pens and fountain pens and it might prove interesting if not valuable to make a concerted return to graphite.

Metra RR equip


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