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Da falls

View from 14 floors up of the Horseshoe Falls. Pure Glory. Drawn with a fountain pen juiced up with Platinum Carbon ink, and using Faber-Castell Pitt Pens in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.



Wet veil





Two really phuc tup days trying to get to Buffalo. Some maniac set fire to the Midwest regional air traffic control center before attempting suicide and gummed up but good travel on that and the following day.

Das line Yamamoto Union jack

After waiting in line for 3 hours to change my flight booking after all flights were cancelled following the fire, I was only given an early morning flight on the next day. So I took the train back into downtown Chicago and went to see the David Bowie exhibit at the I.C.A. Go if you can. Drew 2 of a couple dozen of the costumes he wore.

Bloody brkfst

The next morning I got to the airport and still found Murphy lurking about. The plane was an hour late getting to Chicago and waited an additional 15 minutes for the  right steward/ stewardess crew to arrive on yet another flight. I got into Buffalo  a half hour late for a demo at the downtown art store. The nonsense didn’t end there. My cabbie was not sure where to go and kept asking me to repeat the address and confused the name of the business repeatedly. Mind you, we were headed to the main north south street through the center of downtown Buffalo called…..yup, MAIN STREET. 910 Main Street.

Our Waif Stumbles To Buffalo

Swasey  Observatory

Made it to the beautiful hill top campus of Denison in Granville, Ohio.

Baggage claim   image  imageimage  Sculptress class image image Mitchell Cntr  image Plungerless Swasey O CBG Topiary



This drawing of a young man and his dog waiting to take Megabus from Chicago to Nashville, and the others in this post were in a sketchbook I hadn’t quite finished and managed to loose Tuesday night, Sept 9th while out exploring downtown Indianapolis. A resourceful person would be able to track me down with the info inside but so far, no contact.

Squashed image image

Armchair art critic T@W

Gone For Now

3rd ward

View from the window seat @ Colectivo across from the Public Market, 3rd Ward, Milwaukee. Pitt Pens.

Top knot

View of just visible top knot belonging to passenger seated in front of me on the bus zooming thru the cornfields of Illinois.

T@W Mrng cmmt

Armchair art critic

Caught the above gentleman in the Max Beckmann room with his head flopping back like a Pez dispenser.




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