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Delawn x2

Once in a while, I actually catch folks without their clothes.

D1 D2 Figure 4

Once again I have to lodge a complaint about administering your website on WordPress with an iPad……it is a seriously frustrating time suck. Let me stress that it Sucks! It could barely be more clunky. I’m not sure who gets the lion’s share of my beef but I can hardly believe the programmers have ever needed to admin their own sites in such a fashion or they’d throw the freaking tool out a window.

Melissa x2 Contur MReclined Dos Janet a Janet b Janet c Janet d


Once again, I have neglected Butt Nekkid Doodles because I am being pulled in many directions and because it is a pain in the ass to work on my website from this Apple iPad. Anyway, here are some plane & train time drawings from the Fall.

Lawn duel Zzzzzzzzz Whirrrrrr Wait

Rachchacha Waiting on the bus Jarhead bags



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