Swung into the P&C for a Friday night life drawing session. Felt pretty rusty. Not much to crow about. The model was good, with legible muscularity on her back but I never got rolling. Couldn’t make mind mind up to go either delicate or bold. Once again, the super quick poses bedeviled me. I thought I had a decent warm-up on the train in, but I could have used another hour or so drawing in a coffee shop before heading to life drawing.

Transit sketches Made up head

Double standing                                       2 min 2 min b Quick study of John

I purposely avoid a lot of measuring as I draw , especially on the quick studies and I think it shows with limbs that are too short or too long. I’m sketching with a bit of push from the clock and want to see the figure develop quickly and therefore fore go helpful measurements. Afterwards, I always lament figures with stunted legs. Few of the really quick studies please me tho I do like some things about the study from some months ago of John on one knee.

Prone 1 Prone 2 Nude on terry cloth

Figures drawn with various fountain pens filled with Platinum Carbon, Pitt Brush Pens, and a bit of white grease pencil to trim heavy arms and block stray marks. Stillman & Birn sketchbook and an old ledger book.

Back Into The Palette & Chisel

  • June 27th, 2015
  • Posted in Drawings
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