Taking a a break from thinking too hard. Channelling fabulous comic book artist, actually the Sunday Funnies, George Wunder. Drawings done in an old ledger book with ink, mostly Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pens. I also made use of  a number of fountain pens, in particular -Pelikan M215, Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic, Faber-Castell Basic Black Leather, Sailor Bent Nib Calligraphy fp, and a Pelikan M400 Tortoise fp. All fountain pens were filled with Platinum Carbon ink except the Pelikan M400 Tortoise which was filled with Noodler’s Ottoman Blue.

Random doodling  Sow's ear Patio nonsense

Some details.

Sarge in charge Detail 2 Detail3 Detail3 Detail4 Detail b Acme1 Acme2  Acme3 Acme4


Appropriate Distraction

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