Nude Dude

Catching up with posting some of the drawings from the last 3 months. I haven’t been keeping a regular practice of drawing from nude models and I think that shows at times in the uneven examples of trying to get a worthwhile drawing in 25 minutes. The drawings. Are usually executed in the Faber-Castellated pigmented Pitt Pens that have been my workhorse in addition to fountain pens. The models asymmetrical eyes bug the shit outta me but that’s all in the realm of spontaneous drawing with no erasure. I truly enjoy and value working that way but one is guaranteed to get the bloopers that torment, but may in time inform and alert one.

the drawings of the male with the staff were draw ar Forestall Art Center in Birminham, Al. Long time favorite Melissa modeled out in Wheaton. The male model below posed at San Clemente Art Supply.

Relaxed bulge Support  Miss M Pony tailed AlternatorBackSan Clem 1 San Clem3 San Clem 2 Twins

The gentleman above was captured as he drew Melissa. I’m pretty inconsistent in getting a likeness, but I was on the money in the version on the left. He was quite intense in his gaze. Holding you sketchbook thus while drawing for 25 minutes isn’t the easiest thing to manage so he constantly shifted his weight and posture and made many raptor-like faces. On the right, I lost the feel of him and rounded his features a bit, also clipped his nose a tad and pulled the cheek crease from his nose to far into the lateral plane of his face. That was enuff to loose the likeness. Oh well…

Drawing the Bahd

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