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Oops, this got posted as if It was done in the Northwest. It wasn’t. It’s a northwest based corporate coffee shop, which, is just 2 blocks from my Midwest residence. Flt home

Land this was the flight home.

N center  E PO

N Center NU at lunch (l) Evanston PO (r)

CSO w/Haitink. CSO

At the CSO, Mozart & Strauss conductor Haitink. Both pieces great, but the Strauss Alpine Symphony just bowled me over.

transit nap x3  Josh on Amtrak sketching in 30th StSt

Dude sketching the transit passengers in 30th Street St. Above him is conductor Josh of Amtrak.


WW II monument Bronze Angel

So, I arrived in Philadelphia by Amtrak to the beautious 30th Street Station, one of my favorite public transit centers in the country, and had time to kill so down I sat to grab a sketch of the Bronze statue dedicated to Railroad employees who died serving in the armed forces during WWII. The statue was by Walter Hancock who taught at the Pennsyvania Academy of Fine Arts and during WWIi, was one of the” Monuments Men” whose exploits and mission was made famous in the George Clooney film of the same name. The actor John Goodman’s character was based on Walter Hancock. The drawing on the right was posted earlier and is a memorial sculpture to the fallen Canadian Rail workers from both WW I and II, copies of which can be seen in a number of Canadian cities, Vancouver being home to this one.

Drawn in  Rhodia unlined sketchbook, and a Tomoe River Paper sketchbook using Pitt Artist Brush Pens and various ni sizes of the Pitt Pens. Also fountain pens, Pelikan M215, and Faber-Castell Basic Black Leather fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon ink.


Back To Chicago Only To Bounce Out East

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