Cave Hill

Made it to Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky but only had slightly less than two hours to take in and draw on those glorious grounds. Ink in a Tomoe River Paper sketchbook.

image image image

The above 3 drawings were executed on the bus ride to Louisville.

image image image image image

A coffee shop drawing of a fellow who held the expression of a seriously skeptical customer to what ever it was the other fellow was proposing. Next, on of Jeremy’s students in a drawing class followed by Jeremy himself explaining a concept to another student. Immediately above, a sketch of the Bardstown Road VFW that was begun on site but largely completed from memory. And Big Ed drawing at the same VFW during an Urban Sketching workshop coordinated with the Pearson Art Center.

faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pens, fountain pens, Zplatinum Carbon ink, in Tomoe River Paper and Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks.


Lingering in Looa-vuhl

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