Drew my barista and a graphic novella steamed up outta the page. Title,”The Java Knot”…..thought I’d post just a hint…..”I didn’t see it at first. Something about his refined manner and precise movements told me that when he pulled it, he’d use it with deft application. He kept his right hand notably free. His hair hung in loops that were either satiny or greasy depending I guess on where you’d last eaten and though he was trim and effeminate, elegant you’d say, his bearing was taut and assured. His shirt was pulled across a wide, square chest. I got a glimpse of a cauliflower ear; that and the surprisingly rounded knuckles on otherwise supple hands gave the clue that along the way he’d served up a loose tooth or two. His grey eyes set squarely into mine yet avoided any hint of search or judgement. I found his manner agreeable. No smirk if you chose the cheapest, most pedestrian roast, or mispronounced the blend. No patronizing, “Excellent choice!” My tip was acknowledged in a subtle way so as to avoid seasoning the next customer with a ‘dig deep’ prompt.”

Pitt Artist Pens on Romeo unlined Ivory journal.

The Java Knot

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