I was at the Evanston Farmers Market early Saturday morning sketching Nice Guy Nick at Henry’s Organic Farm stall when I heard whooping and the sound of a large party hitting stride. A PA system started playing Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash very loud. I had an inkling but asked Nice Guy Nick what the commotion was about. He only said “Well, given the current situation…”pulled out his cell and sure enough, Biden had just been declared the winner. The jubilant sounds spread, cars started honking in all directions. On the way back to my apartment a car eased by horn a-honking with the American flag held aloft from one window and the flag of Chicago out the other. Rode the train downtown to Giamila’s and the celebration continues. Now, waiting till the keys to the White House are handed over.

Drawn with Faber-Castell Essentio Black Leather fountain pen and Pitt Artist Pens on Stillman & Birn Gamma Series sketchbook.

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