Went out a couple days ago and made an attempt to capture one of the bridges over the North Shore Channel in Evanston. I love this simple scene and the frozen surface of the channel in the low light. Nor sure what the daredevil graffiti crew were trying to declare here but I did my best to be faithful to their temporal effort. Well, I roughed in the whole scene and was trying to get some of the woods and general feel of the concrete walls as my fingers were slowly going numb. I think I lasted 15, maybe 20 minutes and then snapped a pic and left, because…., well, because I’m a sissy. Came home and finished the drawing with a cup of hot cocoa at hand. #fabercastell Pitt Artist Pens and fountain pen on #clairefontaine Goldline Watercolour sketchbook.

Cold To The Bone On The North Channel

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