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Cindi Ettinger

Cindi Ettinger. Master printer for 30 years, at her studio in Philadelphia.

sonata or surfing Chi town studies O'Hare +  Reading Terminal Mutter Museum SEPTA passenger  train to phil a international

Two of the better portraits I got during transit drawing on SEPTA regional rail.

2Dave on conference call Beek Daddy Hives

Got back to Philly for a week and took care of some business while visiting with very dear friends and dining on some excellent food. From the time I first set foot in Philadelphia in 1981, my tastebuds have been treated in the best way possible. That continues on every trip back to Penn & Ben’s town. This trip included a trek to Roxborough plateau where my buddy Dave gave me a sample of honey direct from the hive. A gorgeous day and beautiful morning light let me sit comfortably before the hives and sketch in Pitt Pen and fountain pen a few of his stacks. Brought along just the black and greys for this trip. Made use of my Visconti Rembrandt, Pelikano Jr., Sailor Calligraphy, Pelikan M 215, and Faber-Castell Ambition fountain pens.

Anne D'Harencourt Sculpture Garden

Stu & Billy

Stuart holding Mr. Billy, who loves to play tirelessly, but doesn’t care too much to be held.

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