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Evan tressle

NU lakeside

Trestle detail NU lakeside detail

I’m no Nina Johansson but I will occasionally brave cold weather for a drawing. Both of these were drawn in Evanston. The second drawing from the top was lakeside on the Northwestern Univ. campus. The following drawings were done at Calvary Cemetery in Evanston.

Calvary Calvary detail

Calvary 2

In addition to pitt Pens, I used a Sailor Brush Nib fountain pen, a terrific tool which yields a wide variety of marks and line widths depending on the angle it is held as you draw on the page. Threw in a few details as the wide format of the drawings made for less than crisp images. Below are the Wilmette locks.

Wilmette locks

Graceland Girl

The comment we all hear as folks look over our shoulders is,”I cain’t even draw straight lines!” I’ve never been the biggest fan of straight lines either. Then even when you put yourself before the job of drawing oodles of the damn things, such as in a graveyard, settling of the earth beneath the stones makes for the cockeyed jumble of and old geezer’s smile.

WWI monument & fountain, KC WWI monument, shrouded sphynx  photo-411

The white scalloped canopy and tubular construction connected to the west side of Denver’s Union Station was designed by local firm Anderson Mason Dale and is part of a grand redevelopment of the old Denver rail yards along the Platte. Now there stand large multi purpose commercial and residential buildings, additional light rail and a parks along the river’s edge.

Sushiman, Denver Boots @ Rock Mount life drawing session Denver life drwng, Denver

Went to a life drawing with Paul Heaston in Denver and drew a very athletic model who held quick poses up to 8 minutes. Haden’t drawn from a nude model in a few months and could feel the rust. Below, coped a quick early morning sketch of the Denver Capitol Bldg. under renovations to re guild the dome while waiting to get picked up for a job.

Colorado Capitol  

Milk Bath  Monkey Buns

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