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the sketch
Went to court yesterday. Dude drawing = plaintiff desribing a prison fight he was involved with. Fellow in lower right hand corner = defendant, prison guard who observed the fight. Catch that? Drawing as admissible evidence. Make the case for drawing to be included in primary education along with reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic. (rendering?) It appears that the fellow in the lower right corner has a box of cracker Jacks under his shirt, but, I’ll have to say I go all gooey with my forms at times. I’ve been meaning to correct it, but then it wouldn’t be as amusing.

I went to Pioneer Court downtown Chicago for the Turkish Festival where I coped these festival goers before the clouds let loose their bladders. I had just the perfect spot under the over hang of the Illinois Housing Development Authority in on of the great American urban centers to sketch the Trump Tower and the Wrigley Building clock tower during the deluge.


 festival goers

Turkish showers brooding skies It was raining... da muscle defense atty opening stmnt Tin Tin in Istanbul Tin Tin in Istanbul 2 Moody's

The usual suspects – Pitt Artist Pens, fountain pen, grease pencil, Strathmore toned paper, Utrecht sketchbook.

Thumbnail nude

Labored over an illustrating gig, got back in court to sketch at a murder trial, and drawing out and about both solo and with friends. No change in materials though the smaller drawings are in a Pentalic book w/ unlined, ivory colored paper. Has some bleed thru traits so I probably won’t use one of these again once I finish with it. Not being able to draw on both sides checks the number of spreads I’ll do and means I don’t get full use out of one. I do like how they’re bound and the cover’s nice but they have a touch too deep of a gutter. Fountain pen inks wanna seep thru the page. The drawings on toned paper, which I favor when drawing in court, are in a Utrecht sketchbook.

J. Mendez J. Vouga

The fellow in the green shirt, a witness at a murder trial, the guy who discovered the body of the victim, was getting a rough going over from the defense attorney.

cross examined witness

fauxhawk on the job


bright overhead

Threw in some life drawings from the old haunt, the Palette & Chisel, from Feb & Jan. Heading off to Texas later this month while I’ll try to run down some life drawing venues there, not to mention some of that awesome central Texas BBQ. Maybe I can find some bar-b-que slathered nudes to draw while I’m at it.

male nude 1 nude male 2 12 minute nude 25 min drawing trio

Oh and uhm, here’s a recent sketch for an illustration job I just finished just to show folks I do, once in a blue moon, pick up a pencil and noodle around with them.

pencil sketch

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