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In preparation for art dealer and distributor workshops I drew my friend and rep Doug as Wolverine using watercolor. During my presentations I invited attendees to come up and mess up my drawing which I then proceeded to repair. In time he started to appear as if he was in fact transitioning to Planet of The Apes. Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils in a Stillman and Birn Gamma Series sketchbook.

virtual twins

Depth of Winter, and what a winter it’s been. Got warm dwellings, proper gear, someone else shovels the sidewalks, amenities are all a short walk from the crib, and the view of the weather from my living room has been operatic. After a busy Fall on the road and a grueling month of moving to my current home, I’m settling in  to a gob of reading and trying to pick up the pace on drawing. Love the Michelin Man quality of so much winter wear and feeling a need to work on anatomy studies for upcoming work. It’s been eons since I made a body of paintings so with 2 velvets stretched and more on the way I’m trying to kick my arse into gear after a long period of hibernating. Put the clowns to bed long enuff, time for reveille.

Carly in stripes hunched over unfiltered kiosk parka library snoozer leopard dream state 24/7 panera sighting Mall Wear trio + dinky foot    rooster  readers upper d engrossed patient lanky bomber dreads bombers Carly twice Carly on mat

Usual suspects in materials: Pitt Pens, grease pencil, ledgerbooks, fountain pens.


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