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Just drawing the full figure from life enough these days. So this past Thursday and Friday I put in a little time but still got caught up in the partials.

Steven Assael happened to be at the Palette & Chisel teaching a workshop and sat in on the Friday night life drawing session. I was behind him for a couple of poses and enjoyed watching him draw as I sheet he’d him n the act. Also included are a few head studies acquired in transit.


Various inks, fountain pens, Pitt Artist Pens, Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper.


Visited the University of Kansas to meet with several classes. The above drawing was of a clay figure bu Jon Swindell’s modeled after the Belvedere Torso. Pitt Artist Brush Pens in a Strathmore sketchbook.


Above, just forking around on a demo drawing.

Cowgirl CCC

Had the opportunity to do a commercial gig for a friend who opened a bakery/cafe and wanted a retro pinup style cowgirl logo. So, just to show the process of how I “whip out” an illustration job, I’m posting the sketches, studies and revisions that led to our gal on the circular sign in their shop.


image  image ” image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image  image image  image imagethe cowgirl There she is.


Drawings and sketches done with Pitt Artist Pens on Tomoe River Paper. Some drawn from life using a couple models, some are drawn after various reference sources, some are doodles from my noggin.

Street discussion

I accidentally trashed this entry so I’ll attempt to reinstall it.

When I originally put this post up the Illinois legislature put a rider into  Senate Bill SB1342 that made it a felony to record on duty officers of the law without their permission. This bill had majority support in both houses from both parties. I still haven’t obtained an understanding of how broadly the term “record” will be interpreted. My personal belief is the recording of police or law officials is not a threat to their effective performance of their duties and actually serves to enhance the public and court’s understanding of conditions on the ground during police actions. This rider serves to restrain the roll of the press, the freedom of speech and the nature of informed consent necessary to have an enlightened citizenry whose job it is to elect officials, judges, representatives.

image  imageimage image image  image NATO rally image image image image image image image image  image image

Wtw 1 In line @ P.O. Large and in charge Court officer Bus station security In hand Frosted glass 

Some of the medium used in the above drawings were:

old ledger books and diaries, Utrecht toned sketchbooks, Stillmann & Birn sketchbooks both the Alpha and Epsilon series, Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper, Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks.

a variety of fountain pens, Lamy Studio, Pelikan M215(fine, medium, and broad nibs), several Faber-Castell fps, – Ambition, Ondoro, and Graf von Faber-Castell Classic and Guilloche, Sailor 1911, Sailor brush nib! Namiki’s Vanishing Point and Falcon, and Pelikano Juniors. I fill these pens with Platinum Carbon ink, Noodler’s Ottoman Blue and Electric Eel, and several Iroshizuku inks.

White china Markers aka grease pencils, and Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens




Pourin' over the forms

Shot out to the Big Apple where I took in a little action at Belmont race track. Pretty slim crowd. But enjoyed hanging with Rob & Barney-G. We dined on deli take out, whitefish salad out by the paddocks.

Following 3 drawings done in Chicago just before heading off to NYC & Portland, Oregon.

Calo Theatre  lunch in Andersonville neighborhood blackout View of Edgewater and downtown sky scrappers from my back porch during a neighborhood blackout.

Delta boarding gate

Heading out from O’Hare, did the above sweep of the boarding area. I seldom seem to settle into these air terminal transit drawings.

The Empire seen from Madison Park Liberty Tower and StatueFred in Penn Station the boys pouring over the forms and benches Toque down Michael reading Kim readingBill & Leslie's st. john bridge  Hipbone model telegram tower Rough Rider Monument police action

While I was drawing the statue of Theodore Roosevelt in front of the Portland Museum of Art, I heard a scuffle develop behind me and turned in time to see 3 men tumble to the pavement. A couple of cops had just taken down the man depicted above in light pans and racing striped jacket. Cops came flooding into the area and grabbed and cuffed another fellow from a nearby bench.

food carts Burnside bridge late night coffee

The above drawing is a clear example of why I invest a little more in some drawings. The multiple light sources was so compelling and challenging and made the drawing more specific to character, time of day, mood, and an effect some landscape architects might call “light pollution”.

nude w/ pole male w/ pole pncldm seated nude PNC

Life drawings from the Palette & Chisel 12 hour life drawing marathon.

3 days


Drawings done in Utrecht & Strathmore toned paper sketchbooks, Moleskine watercolor pad, with Pitt Artist Pens, Pelikan M215 & Visconti Rembrandt fountain pens using Platinum Carbon ink, and White China marker grease pencil.

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