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Jeff Butler

Jeff Butller caught in the act of drawing a commissioned page of The Green Hornet and Kato.

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Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, And F-C Basic black leather fountain pen, Pelikan M205 fp, F-C Alrecht Dure watercolor pencils, Platinum Carbon ink, Stillman & Birn Alpha Series sketchbook

I’m back into fountain pens for the moment, making use of water soluble inks so not always able to fill in with the broad strokes of the Pitt Brush Pens. As a result the drawings are a bit airier.

Hey, sorry I haven’t been posting as much new work lately, been under loads of work and deadlines. I even missed the 12 hour Labor Day life drawing marathon at the Palette & Chisel. But, I am working on loads of fun projects, a 9 color lithograph at Anchor Graphics for the current exhibit at Columbia College Book & Paper Center called La Loteria which opens September the 9th.  And, I’m also working on a sketchbook project I hope to have  published in a year. More on that later.You’ll notice I’m using fountain pens since my trip to Portland. I’m reinvestigating them after many, many years during which I had given up on the tool, in part because the inks were not waterproof and in part because I had ruined a couple due to improper care. Well, I got the bug, and how. Some new inks are on the market now and I’m rethinking the pen and it’s merits. The top left drawing was done with Platinum Carbon Ink as was the drawing directly below it. I was turned on to it by Portland artist Bill Sharp. I had been looking for a fountain pen ink that was waterproof and wouldn’t clog a fountain pen. I had been making extensive use of rollerballs and gel inks but as of late I’m quite enamoured with the fountain pen. I’ll go over my discoveries in a later post. Cheers.

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