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Street discussion

I accidentally trashed this entry so I’ll attempt to reinstall it.

When I originally put this post up the Illinois legislature put a rider into  Senate Bill SB1342 that made it a felony to record on duty officers of the law without their permission. This bill had majority support in both houses from both parties. I still haven’t obtained an understanding of how broadly the term “record” will be interpreted. My personal belief is the recording of police or law officials is not a threat to their effective performance of their duties and actually serves to enhance the public and court’s understanding of conditions on the ground during police actions. This rider serves to restrain the roll of the press, the freedom of speech and the nature of informed consent necessary to have an enlightened citizenry whose job it is to elect officials, judges, representatives.

image  imageimage image image  image NATO rally image image image image image image image image  image image

Wtw 1 In line @ P.O. Large and in charge Court officer Bus station security In hand Frosted glass 

Some of the medium used in the above drawings were:

old ledger books and diaries, Utrecht toned sketchbooks, Stillmann & Birn sketchbooks both the Alpha and Epsilon series, Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper, Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks.

a variety of fountain pens, Lamy Studio, Pelikan M215(fine, medium, and broad nibs), several Faber-Castell fps, – Ambition, Ondoro, and Graf von Faber-Castell Classic and Guilloche, Sailor 1911, Sailor brush nib! Namiki’s Vanishing Point and Falcon, and Pelikano Juniors. I fill these pens with Platinum Carbon ink, Noodler’s Ottoman Blue and Electric Eel, and several Iroshizuku inks.

White china Markers aka grease pencils, and Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens





Always try to have an auspicious start to the year by getting to the Palette & Chisel’s 12 hour New Year’s Day Life Drawing Marathon. Hadn’t drawn much in the week that led up to this much anticipated event. Shook some of the rust off .

Sara prone Pole in hand Melissa in coils Sideways

The trek in Fan & fanny nyd 1 nydbia 1 nydbia 3 P&C a NYD LDM 4 P&C 4 P&C nydldm 1

Headed out with a large ledger book and a new sketchbook, a Seven Seas Tomoe River Pad – the paper I’m most excited to draw on. It is a very thin paper that holds an edge when drawn on with fountain pen and Pitt Pens, and doesn’t bled. Quite remarkable for a paper as light weight, just a bit more substantial than onion skin or tracing paper.

Back on platform 1/9/15 a 1/9/15 b 1/9/15c

Added the last few from the latest visit to the Friday night session. Wicked cold outside and I was having a lousy time warming up my drawing skills despite having gotten a nice very rapid sketch of a passenger on the way to the P&C(just below). Preoccupied with too many other pursuits and not drawing as regularly as I’d like and I’m lacking a fluid feel much of the time.

Have been working with Platinum Carbon ink in the fountain pens with very little exception and not being that diligent about flushing or cleaning some of the pens that regularly. Not to many issues. The Sailors and the Pelikans pretty much flow whenever I put the to pad. Had a bit of an issue with one pen but that may have been due to sub zero temps here in Chicago.

Leopard scarf


Da falls

View from 14 floors up of the Horseshoe Falls. Pure Glory. Drawn with a fountain pen juiced up with Platinum Carbon ink, and using Faber-Castell Pitt Pens in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.



Wet veil




virtual twins

Depth of Winter, and what a winter it’s been. Got warm dwellings, proper gear, someone else shovels the sidewalks, amenities are all a short walk from the crib, and the view of the weather from my living room has been operatic. After a busy Fall on the road and a grueling month of moving to my current home, I’m settling in  to a gob of reading and trying to pick up the pace on drawing. Love the Michelin Man quality of so much winter wear and feeling a need to work on anatomy studies for upcoming work. It’s been eons since I made a body of paintings so with 2 velvets stretched and more on the way I’m trying to kick my arse into gear after a long period of hibernating. Put the clowns to bed long enuff, time for reveille.

Carly in stripes hunched over unfiltered kiosk parka library snoozer leopard dream state 24/7 panera sighting Mall Wear trio + dinky foot    rooster  readers upper d engrossed patient lanky bomber dreads bombers Carly twice Carly on mat

Usual suspects in materials: Pitt Pens, grease pencil, ledgerbooks, fountain pens.


Tri P&C

Once in awhile, I actually put up some doodles of naked butts. Went to the Palette & Chisel last night to see a strong show of Errol Jacobs paintings from the last few years and made it upstairs for the last 2 hours of life drawing. Been awhile.

head blue backpack no seat l & r after


Well it’s been some time since I settled in to some nude drawing having managed to travel the country extensively this Fall so I squeezed in a half session last night with less than what I might have hoped for. Since I returned to Chicago 5 days ago much has gotten in the way of my daily drawing so some of the slap dash I was looking for came in fits and starts. I also left the house with a limited range of grays and wound up making careless use of cool and warm grays on the model which is irritating me  sufficiently on the morning after. I did have with me a Sailor bent nib fountain pen that give both bold and narrow line widths depending on the angle you attack the page with and you can see it’s effect in the drawings of the dude with the Jeff cap & blue backpack and the slouching fellow in ski cap texting away. Fun to draw with and loosens you up. On the page immediately above of cafe goers and transit riders, I could have used some of the darker Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens which would have knocked in richer values and strokes on the clothing.

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