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I’m chained to the drawing board with an illustration job, hence not much drawing from out and about the town. So……..I thought I’d post drawings from sketchbooks past. Some of the drawings go back 30 years. The sketch books usually have titles, you’ll see that plus the dates they were done when you put the cursor over the image.

This is about the time I was playing around with fountain pens. Just little affordable Sheaffers, since I had ruined a Pelikan by putting the wrong ink in the reservoir. This was the late 80’s early 90′, and about that time I discovered brush pens and got very excited about those. I initially used Tom Bow and Staedtler but was never happy about the inks not being waterproof. After a several pages got ruined from a water spill I started pulling ’em apart and filling ’em with Higgins, or Pelikan, or FW acrylic inks, or special inks Robert Doak in Brooklyn made for me.

So there’s a bit of drawing from life, drawing from references and just drawing straight out of my head which I haven’t done so much of over the lest couple of years. That I hope to return to in greater measure this fall.


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