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Damn. I love Chicago but couldn’t we have at least one of these things within easy driving range? Drawn from top of the water tower in Seattle’s Volunteer Park in a Rhodia sketchbook with Pitt Pens.

Jennifer flippin’ thru a book in the top floor reading room of Seattle’s spectacular Main Library designed by Rem Koolhaus. Gray day or sunny, the light’s fantastic in this structure. I needed to spend all day on 2-3 drawings to really capture the airy grandeur of this building.


S P E D    D O W N   T O   P O R T L A N D



Shot down to Astoria where I demoed to a lively crowd at Dots and Doodles. Things got to moving rather hurriedly  at that point. Quick glimpse of a tanker on the Columbia drawn from the backseat of Doug’s car as we raced to make an afternoon demo in Portland. The next day I got shaved smooth as a baby’s butt by surfer/blade smith Elijah Mack.


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