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Pre op

Had surgery yesterday morning and whiled away the time waiting to be rolled down the hall to the OR by drawing the IV in my hand. Never really got nervous and managed not to joke around with the staff inappropriately, tho when the male nurse Steve asked if I had any rings or jewelry on I said “All off. Even removed the Prince Albert.” My apologies Steve. Underwent the procedure with “Twilight” anesthesia so expected to have a foggy awareness of things. But, they were giving me the sedation in stages so I had very clear recollection of being wheeled into the OR, then they were turning off lights, commenting how quick and smooth things went and taking me back to the recovery room as alert as I had been on the way in. My anesthesiologist Jeff must be Morpheus himself. Minimal discomfort, dropped one tab of Tylenol last night, slept good, up and out for a gentle walk, breakfast and to post this. Back to the couch and my best pal, the ice bag. My compliments and gratefulness to Dr. Winchester and his staff, Dr. Jeff, dug my sketches, Steve, Nicole, Kim, Claire(?), and my pcp Dr. Vlahos and the rest of the caregivers at Evanston Hospital. My apologies for not recalling last names. Thanks to coop mates Dianne and Dianne for getting me home and the fresh cut fruit. Ink on a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

John Fox

John & I off to lunch to celebrate his birthday this week. Mr. Fox has graced the planet with his presence and sense of humor for 50 years. You should start receiving your AARP literature any second now sir. Drawn in a Rhodia sketchbook witn Pitt Artist Pens.

Tahera Ahmad

Tahera Ahmad gives a talk on Islamophoboia presented by the Middle East and North African Studies of Northwestern Univ. at the Evanston Public Library. Same materials as the above drawing.

Architectural Artifacts

Dran during the Chicago chapter of the Urban Sketchers monthly outing. Captured at Architectural Artifacts. Pitt Artist Pens, fountain pen, in Molskine landscape format watercolor sketchbook.

Late sketch image

Oxbow photo-527 photo-529

Swung into California, SFO to be specific, and headed by bus to Napa catching the young fellow above napping en route. He later awoke to see me drawing and commented favorably on my drawing. Owner of a landscaping business and a super nice dude. Glorious weather, and made a culinary discovery that could turn things around for many friends of mine who dislike raw oysters. Grill ’em! Came upon them at Hog Island Oyster Company in the Oxbow Public Market.

Napa across from Flax SF

Pasadena City Hall Little Dancer

Gear used: grease pencil, Pelikan M215 (which I have since lost), Pitt Artist Pens, other fountain pens, ledger book, Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. The value of pens lost on the road is getting to pile up. I might be nearing $2,000 just in lost fountain pens. The drawing of Degas’ Little Dancer was done in the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena.

Gary Torres  Steve Saitzyk Amara

And yes, that cup of chocolate was decadent and nearly thick as pudding.


Wesley United Meth

Spent a week working and haunting the streets and skyways of Minnesota’s  Twin Cities.

view of downtown bus stop 9th & 9th

Brit's  peddy cabbista Birds at the Bell Museum dinky town cafe chess fanNye's Karaoke fed plaza

Made good use of the new White Big Brush Pit Artist Pen. Otherwise drew in a Moleskine watercolor book, Strathmore toned sketchbook with Lamy studio, F-C Ambition f.p., Pelikan M215, Pitt pens, grease pencil. Lost the Ambition, oh well…

bird nest young draughtsman Grand Central photo-305 photo-302 Beth @ NAMTA das boot Franz Barn Bluff Trail

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