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Perhaps one of the most anticipated and auspicious days of my year is the 12 hour life drawing marathon at The Palette & Chisel on Labor Day. Though I am 63 years old and have had a number of jobs over the years that were not based on the semester structure of schools, the hangover of all that early life preparation, and the change of seasons, still creates this sense for me of new possibilities. Thus, when others look to take the day off from the grind, I look to put in one of my longer days working towards the betterment of my craft.

The sessions start at 7am with a model in the third floor studio, and later, models may be posing on the second floor and out in the coach house. Forty-five minutes to an hour are set aside for lunch out in the courtyard, but then I head back upstairs till the sessions conclude at 7pm. On average, I show up at 7:30-8 in the morning and last till 6:30-7 at night. If I get in some sketching on the 40 minute train ride to the Palette & Chisel, that serves to warm me up and gives me a sense of what the day’s efforts may yield.


Fountain pens, Platinum Carbon ink, Pitt Artist Pens, Tomoe River Paper, ledgerbook.

Heading to The Palette and Chisel’s Labor Day 12 hour Life Drawing Marathon in two days and feeling very rusty. Posting a few nudes and life drawings from the past couple months. I’ll put up stuff from Monday’s session, the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. #figuredrawings #lifedrawings #ledgerbooks


All drawings in ink, ( brush pens and fountain pens with Platinum Carbon Ink ) on either Tomoe River Paper or ledger book. Y

Haven’t going to life drawing sessions much this Spring. Here is a smattering of models, nude and clothed.


The model in the Daisey Dukes was helping me with a logo design. The drawings of the young African American model were from a Friday night session at the Palette & Chisel. My first time drawing her I got modest results and wound up focusing much of my efforts on her head. Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens and fountain pen on Tomoe River Paper.

Just drawing the full figure from life enough these days. So this past Thursday and Friday I put in a little time but still got caught up in the partials.

Steven Assael happened to be at the Palette & Chisel teaching a workshop and sat in on the Friday night life drawing session. I was behind him for a couple of poses and enjoyed watching him draw as I sheet he’d him n the act. Also included are a few head studies acquired in transit.


Various inks, fountain pens, Pitt Artist Pens, Seven Seas Tomoe River Paper.

Nude Dude

Catching up with posting some of the drawings from the last 3 months. I haven’t been keeping a regular practice of drawing from nude models and I think that shows at times in the uneven examples of trying to get a worthwhile drawing in 25 minutes. The drawings. Are usually executed in the Faber-Castellated pigmented Pitt Pens that have been my workhorse in addition to fountain pens. The models asymmetrical eyes bug the shit outta me but that’s all in the realm of spontaneous drawing with no erasure. I truly enjoy and value working that way but one is guaranteed to get the bloopers that torment, but may in time inform and alert one.

the drawings of the male with the staff were draw ar Forestall Art Center in Birminham, Al. Long time favorite Melissa modeled out in Wheaton. The male model below posed at San Clemente Art Supply.

Relaxed bulge Support  Miss M Pony tailed AlternatorBackSan Clem 1 San Clem3 San Clem 2 Twins

The gentleman above was captured as he drew Melissa. I’m pretty inconsistent in getting a likeness, but I was on the money in the version on the left. He was quite intense in his gaze. Holding you sketchbook thus while drawing for 25 minutes isn’t the easiest thing to manage so he constantly shifted his weight and posture and made many raptor-like faces. On the right, I lost the feel of him and rounded his features a bit, also clipped his nose a tad and pulled the cheek crease from his nose to far into the lateral plane of his face. That was enuff to loose the likeness. Oh well…

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