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Following my New Year’s Day ritual of a decade, I opened the new year by attending the 12 hour life drawing marathon at The Palette & Chisel. Nothing like bare flesh to knock the cold outta yer bones in the depths of winter.

Melissa's spinal sway trio Felissia in blue front & back Rachel 1 Rachel 2

blue nude

I’m loving the way this ledger book is taking ink. It has a fairly long delay before the ink is absorbed so it’s easy to smudge and blot the ink to create tone and finger print textures. The fountain pen I’m getting considerable use out of is a broad nib Graf von Faber guilloche. The Pelikano Junior made it’s presence felt to a good extent also. Pitt Pens, Platinum Carbon and Noodler’s Ottoman Blue are the inks. While I was drawing the reclining model titled “Blue Nude”, I had black ink on my fingers from drawing in black on the previous poses so when I wiped the ink on her leg as it was drying, it turned the blue a dingy color.








OK, the ear's a bit high. Red LineFrom LifeArgo Tea Wednesday afternoon 9 run Litho FOP @ Anchor GraphicsA peek behind the scene at Metropolis Cafe Red Line in Monday morning 10/4/10 Pitt Artist Pen, some ball pointPitt Artist Pens At Metropolis with a Lamy Safari juiced up with Noodler's Kingfisher Blue P & C Newmodel @ P & C. Fountain Pen.

Meant to add this one to the last post. Sorry but my cut and paste wasn’t so precise. 25 minute study of Anne @ the Palette & Chisel. Pitt Artist Pen and gel ballpoint in ledger book.

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