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Atlanta airport

Flew down to San Antonio for a week of work & play in central Texas. Got a break from the weather in Illinois and chewed me some bar-b-cue.

room #33, Hotel Havana

hairy arms Texas feb trip River walk pre columbian ceramic Marsyas Mega bus ri mega buser The Upper Crust the Upper Crust right

Finished the Pentalic book and am plowing thru the ledger book I received from Ed Nelson. Hauled a slew of Pitt Artist brush pens and a cluster of fountain pens with me. Didn’t think I’d need much green so came up short in my sketches on the River Walk because it was verdant with loads of plants. While most of these were drawn in public and on site, I doctored a couple because I was so limited in my color selection. Popped into the San Antonio Museum of Art and received a very pleasant surprise in the small but engaging collection. That’s where I drew the Maya underworld figure and the statue of Marsyas.

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