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Back in the grandeur of the Northwest and glorious Seattle. A town whose weather has never put me off.

Spent a glorious day by the Cedar River just 50 yards from an old train tressel that spans the river to the right. But a couple hours of drawing burnt the bejeezus outta my neck.



   Great time on the West coast, 2 cities, Portland & Seattle that I really like. Warts & All. And just so you know…that 4 hour delay was on UNITED.

Damn. I love Chicago but couldn’t we have at least one of these things within easy driving range? Drawn from top of the water tower in Seattle’s Volunteer Park in a Rhodia sketchbook with Pitt Pens.

Jennifer flippin’ thru a book in the top floor reading room of Seattle’s spectacular Main Library designed by Rem Koolhaus. Gray day or sunny, the light’s fantastic in this structure. I needed to spend all day on 2-3 drawings to really capture the airy grandeur of this building.


S P E D    D O W N   T O   P O R T L A N D



Shot down to Astoria where I demoed to a lively crowd at Dots and Doodles. Things got to moving rather hurriedly  at that point. Quick glimpse of a tanker on the Columbia drawn from the backseat of Doug’s car as we raced to make an afternoon demo in Portland. The next day I got shaved smooth as a baby’s butt by surfer/blade smith Elijah Mack.


LARD A MERCY! Finally. Scanner’s working after 3+ months. Sorry to all my viewers for letting the site go stale. I’ve been drawing my little knuckles to the bone during that time so I’ll be posting drawings in frequent clusters in the coming weeks. I’ve been out on the road and even went to my first Dr. Sketchy’s while out in Seattle so I’ll give y’all the what’s up regarding that. My thanks to all who continued checking in to see if I was still alive or if I’d given up drawing and had gone to crush grapes in a monastic order that made jams and balsamic vinegars. All drawings are in a Quo Vadis planner on Clairefontaine paper. Cheers, Darn.

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