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Returned to the imposing Castell Sforzesco in Milan. Part of the fortifications have been removed as have some of the walls surrounding the city, but the principal structure of the fortress remains. The view above, from outside the walls, is from the west of the castle.


View from the moat outside the castle walls by the entrance to the gates of the Torre del Filarete, on the right.  

The moat on the north side facing West/Southwest.
The above 4 images were from the citywide Design Is Milano Is Design festival. These drawing were captured at the Castello Sforzesco with the Milan chapter of the Urban Sketchers. The top image is a paper making demonstration by Fabriano. The green public fountain in the castle courtyard is one of 400 scattered throughout Milan and called  Vedevolle or “weeping widows” because they constantly stream water, a feature which prevents bacterial buildup.

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