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Cindi Ettinger

Cindi Ettinger. Master printer for 30 years, at her studio in Philadelphia.

sonata or surfing Chi town studies O'Hare +  Reading Terminal Mutter Museum SEPTA passenger  train to phil a international

Two of the better portraits I got during transit drawing on SEPTA regional rail.

2Dave on conference call Beek Daddy Hives

Got back to Philly for a week and took care of some business while visiting with very dear friends and dining on some excellent food. From the time I first set foot in Philadelphia in 1981, my tastebuds have been treated in the best way possible. That continues on every trip back to Penn & Ben’s town. This trip included a trek to Roxborough plateau where my buddy Dave gave me a sample of honey direct from the hive. A gorgeous day and beautiful morning light let me sit comfortably before the hives and sketch in Pitt Pen and fountain pen a few of his stacks. Brought along just the black and greys for this trip. Made use of my Visconti Rembrandt, Pelikano Jr., Sailor Calligraphy, Pelikan M 215, and Faber-Castell Ambition fountain pens.

Anne D'Harencourt Sculpture Garden

Stu & Billy

Stuart holding Mr. Billy, who loves to play tirelessly, but doesn’t care too much to be held.

photoman & succulents

Headed out to Garfield Park to meet up with a dozen artists from the Urban Sketchers Chicago crowd. Brought along a cluster of colored Pitt Pens but mostly went with the b/w monochrome. You’ll see evidence of fountain pen there as well (Visconti Rembrandt w/ Platinum Carbon ink).

The East Wing of the Main Hall.

Mexican Horn Cone

Oscar Joyo sketching on CTA Green Line

Shot down to the Cultural Center for some indoor/outdoor sketching with a group of about 15 f Chicago’s growing chapter of Urban Sketchers.


Man, that was rip-snortin’ good fun.  I dug the look and feel of Portland and couldn’t have been surrounded by a warmer and more supportive group of folks. The skill level of presenters and attendees was very high, just go to Urbansketchers.com and take in all the postings to get a sense of things.

Went to Union station with Isabel Fiadeiro’s group for some very rapid studies. Very few of those passing in and out held still for long. Did this faint blue study of an old guy that kept changing his position and even moved up and down the bench, very fidgety, as if he was uneasily aware I was observing him. So, besides liking the drawing I did of him cause I caught his posture in very short order, the drawing feels like a ghostly record of  souls coming and going.

These drawings are from the flight out to Portland and my first day on the ground. An unqualifiably gorgeous city.

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