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Yesterday I ventured to the magnificent Field Museum of Natural History with my pal Sarah Fields. I brought along a small Landscape format sketchbook by Clairefontaine which could handle light washes and had a modest tooth that would contribute to the drawing’s textures. The last drawing of the day was the view of the Pterodactyl from the second floor. I knew once I got upstairs that the sketch had to include to view down to the main hall and the  view of the second sooty hall but, time ran out on me before I could develop the left side of the page. Time is always a consideration when drawing on sight. Therefore, prioritizing the key elements with enough information to put those in context and holding back on those elements/features best left to the viewers imagination or another session.


The Woodchuck/Marmot was sketched using water soluble Graphite Pencils which seemed quite suitable for the dirty furriness of the Marmot.


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